Receive an accurate risk assessment  whenever you begin to consider buying or selling real estate. Risk is assessed by evaluating all available information and compiled by Certified Home Inspectors.

The infrastructure of any house includes the eight basic home inspection items. Request a yes or no account of the records that qualify the condition of the following;

- Roof, gutters, downspouts, chimneys; Age, type, features, last confirmed inspection/service,
- Exterior, windows, doors, decks; Age, type, features, last confirmed inspection/service,
- Structure, crawlspace, slab on grade, floors, attic; Unevenness, mold, musty odors,
- Insulation & Ventilation; Type, trampling/settling, mold & musty odors,
- Electrical; Main Panel age & size, breaker index, features, modifications & service,
- Plumbing; Supply & drain line type, features, modifications & service
- Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC); Age, type, features, last confirmed service
- Interior; Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors, modifications, upgrades, repairs, age of finishing & components.

The level of concerns raised by a typical home inspection is often similar to the number of background records/reports that are available. Be aware and keep asking questions and compare the written records against the verbal declarations to help understand the level of risk.

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Knowing more about the potential risk a home may have during an inspection will best prepare you to respond.

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As a network of experienced inspectors we empower real estate buyers and sellers with information that will help reduce last minute home inspection surprises.

Keys to your Success

Selecting the right property for your home or business is one of the most important decision you’ll make. You need more than a property that looks nice; you need a property that is affordable, performs the way you expect it to and comes without any unforeseen defects in order to maximize your plans. The Property Risk Network begins by comparing all available details including any professional listing information, age and other background facts to provide an accurate understanding of where a further evaluation will likely be required.

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